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Our team includes non-profit founders, pastors, church planters, entrepreneurs, financial planners, coders, designers and non-profit volunteers based in Louisville Kentucky.

We know the challenges donors and organizations face when money is involved. We’ve built GivApp to make giving and receiving donations simpler and more rewarding.

Jason Hunsucker


Jason is a Financial Planner and Investment Advisor, a career that started nearly 20 years ago. Since 2005 he has been at Gilliam Mease Advisors, a private firm located in downtown Louisville. He loves everything about this work and is passionate about helping his clients lead better financial lives.

Jason is also a founding pastor of Antioch Church, a multi-ethnic church that was planted in 2009. Antioch Church is in the Iroquois/Beechmont community of south Louisville. He and his wife Shannon have lived in that community since they were married nearly 20 years ago. They have two rapidly growing kiddos.

Josh Starr


Josh has worked with thousands of brands, churches and nonprofits over the last 15 years. One thing is in common, they all want to stand out and change the world around them. He’s been fortunate enough to come along side them to help facilitate in that change.

Josh and his wife Rachelle are the founders of a national nonprofit Scarlet Hope with ministry headquarters in Louisville Kentucky. They have a four year old son Isaac and one beta fish.

Jason Magar


Jason is Chief Operating Officer and Director of Financial Planning at Gilliam Mease Advisors, an independent financial planning firm in Louisville, KY.

Jason is a longtime member of Sojourn Community Church. Over the years, he has served in many ministries, including gospel care, community life, and kids ministries.

Jason is married to Lyndsay, who is Director of the Mother’s Day Out program at Sojourn. They enjoy spending time with their three children – Tess, Max, and Coco.

Coty Hoskins


Coty is the founder and owner of Clean Care, a janitorial company that he started three years ago in Louisville, KY.

Coty has held roles in both the local church and non-profit world. Before starting Clean Care he was the Director of Neighborhood Development at Refuge Louisville.

Coty is married to Renee, who works part time for the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, a non-profit based out of Jacksonville, Florida. Most importantly she works full time as a mom taking care of their son Everett.

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