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Can Giving Your Spare Change Make a Difference?

The average person has $25 a month in “spare change”. By joining with others and giving your spare change, you help your favorite nonprofit create a bigger impact. A little bit goes a long way.

It’s super duper easy to get started! Download the app, then…

1. Select your Nonprofit

Inside the app, select from a list of our Nonprofit partners and start giving to those right away. Nonprofit not in our list? Send us an email and request yours at

2. Link your Credit and/or Debit Card

We’ll ask you to login to your online banking account inside the app. Once you do that, you’ll be able to select which card you would like to link. We use the World-Class payment processor for all card transactions.

3. Start making a difference

At the end of every month, GivApp will add up all the change from your transactions and donate it to the Nonprofit of your choosing.

Choose your favorite nonprofits.

Link your bank. Set your monthly spare change max. Sit back and change the world.

Simple to use.
Simple to understand.

Inside GivApp you can review ALL your giving in a simple format. You can review your monthly “spare change” gifts, your one-time contributions and your recurring donations. You can access all this in simple, easy to understand reports.

Become a GivApp Nonprofit

By partnering with GivApp you’ll raise more funds for your organization, communicate easily and effectively with givers, and as a result, make a greater impact. To learn more about how your nonprofit can begin using GivApp, apply below.